What Are Coffee Pods - A Brief Explaination

One of the first coffee pod makers available was Senseo, and after selling more than 10 million coffee pod makers in a mere four years or so, Senseo made its mark in the coffee industry and with the consumers of the drink. A coffee pod looks very much like a regular round tea bag.

People drink coffee for many reasons one of them is to stay awake be it work related, students drink it to keep awake during revising for exams etc, but this does not really happen if you’re waiting for your coffee to brew. True you can go buy a cup of coffee from a cafe, coffee shop or a restaurant but sometime down the line you are going to want a cup at home or at the office. This can be done with a coffee pod maker which takes only 30 seconds to make an excellent cup of coffee.

The way it works is, the coffee maker is first filled with water, a coffee pod is placed in the receptacle, switch it on and approximately thirty seconds later you have a super cup of coffee. The actual patented method uses a unique spray head and gentle pressure to balance the percentage of coffee to water while the brewing creates a delicious frothy cup of coffee.

If you are after a great tasting cup of coffee that’s convenient and quick to make then you have to try pod coffee. Coffee pods can be got in many different brew strengths including mild roast , dark roast, medium roast, etc. They can usually be bought in packs of 72.

Many large packs can also be bought that contain more than 72 cups of coffee, These cost more but remember that you are paying a little bit extra for a first class, no mess, easy to clean, no measuring required, ready in upto thirty seconds, delicious cup of coffee. This really is money well spent for those of us that want the best cup of coffee to enjoy.

Cleaning up can be done very fast, just throw away the pod because the coffee grinds are inside a pod instead of a filter there’s less of a chance of spilling. The pod receptacle can also be put in the dishwasher.

Another reason to purchase a coffee pod maker, in particular a Senseo, is that the machines are designed so that they look good at home or in the office. They are aesthetically good looking, stylish and will look great in your kitchen or office.

For most of us coffee isn’t just for breakfast, it’s a drink to be had throughout the day. Its time coffee pods a part of your every day practice.