Festive Coffee cup of Java

Why is this coffee drink known as java? Java is actually an island in Indonesia which is rich in volcanic soil and has a warm, humid climate which is the perfect conditions for growing coffee.
The term or word “java” became much more famous after the Dutch took over this island between the years 1619 and 1946 and brought and harvested coffee plantations in Java, therefore the name Java.

Below is a recipe of how to make the delicious Festive Coffee cup of java.
Hot Coffee Nog
Two Egg Yolks
Four Table Spoons of granulated sugar
One or One and a Quarter Cups of Hot Coffee
Two Egg Whites
Try use a double boiler, placed on stove with burner at medium heat.
Half-fill bottom of this with water.
Put egg yolks with the sugar and coffee in the upper section of double boiler
Make sure to keep stirring constantly until hot.
Reduce the heat and cover the double boiler.
Beat the two egg whites until they are stiff.
Put the same amount of portions of the egg white into cups or glasses.
Finally pour the coffee mixture over the egg white portions and serve this instantly to get the best taste.