Espresso Makers To Suit You

The espresso drink has been the most popular choice for decades and many rely on this as a quick boost. What may have initially started out as a gimmick or a phase, quickly turned into a habit or a nationwide addiction. Everyone loved a good cup of coffee or a well made espresso.

But what exactly is an espresso and how is it made? Espresso is a small but powerful drink and can be referred to as the caffeine's answer to a shot of whisky. It is intense is caffeine, flavour, taste and smell. Some may say it is slightly too overwhelming to drink, others rely on these short powerful bursts of caffeine to keep them alert throughout the day.

Espresso is made by carefully filtering approximately 2 ounces of filtered water through finely ground espresso coffee, which is the equivalent of around 5 cups of regular coffee. The result is 2 ounces of pure compressed caffeine with a very thin layer of white foam at the top. The espresso looks like a pint of Guinness, only much smaller. It is consumed as is, without any milk or sugar.

So how would one make an espresso? Believe it or not, the potential to produce an espresso like a well regarded coffee shop is possible for us all. How?  Well there are five different types of espresso machines, let us analyse them individually:

The piston driven espresso maker, invented by Achille Gaggia in 1938 is one of the original designs and the very reason why espresso’s are made with a foam top. The piston driven maker is still a good way to make espresso, however seldom used but instead often bought as an antique or collector item.

Automatic espresso makers have becoming incredibly popular over the years and are high in demand. These machines consistently produce the same espresso shot each and every time and are very low in maintenance compared to commercial makers. Although an expensive option in comparison to its peers, it is an investment and will quickly provide it’s moneys worth as the coffee shop runs will end forever and you will be making your own high quality espresso’s at a fraction of the price.

Steam powered espresso makers are slightly unconventional and work a lot like the stovetop variety but is fashioned more like the standard pump driven espresso makers. Used by some travellers and trekkers but on the whole this is not the most travel friendly maker mainly due to its bulky style.

Pump driven espresso makers are the modern recreation of the piston driven variety and therefore make them a very popular machine in modern times. Plugged directly to the building's sockets, pump driven makers heat water as it is filtered through the coffee and use a built in timer to deliver a consistent espresso shot every time.

Stovetop espresso makers are extremely popular with trekkers and tourists because they do not require any electricity making it the perfect machine to carry around. The only downside to the stovetop espresso maker is that there will not be a foam layer on the drink so what it will produce is a strong shot of espresso.

After becoming more savvy on what an espresso is, how one is made and different machines to make one. How does one decide the type of espresso they would like? Let’s take a look at some of the types:

ESPRESSO – Single shot of espresso

ESRESSO DOPIO – Double shot of espresso

ESPRESSO MACCHIATO - Single or double shot of espresso with a whipped cream top

ESPRESSO ROMANO - Single shot of espresso topped with a slice of lemon peel.

Others who may prefer a different type of coffee drink can also benefit from a more chocolaty taste or slightly more creamier taste by choosing: CAFÉ LATTE, CAPPUCCINO, and MOCHA CAPPUCCINO.

With the abundance of knowledge now gained on coffee it may now may make sense why the nation is hooked and why there are so many famous coffee shops, like Starbucks or Costa. It’s now up to you whether you want to join in on this worldwide phenomenon, or maybe you already have? A caffeine-powered work force dominates in today’s world.