How Coffee was Discovered

It was as simple as a berry that was found by a herd of goats that became the single key ingredient in the world’s most popular drink - Coffee
In around 850AD, a person looking after some goats thought his herd was behaving with a lot of energy whilst eating berries he had never seen before. As the goats seemed were behaving this way, he thought he’d give it a try!
After eating these berries himself he found that they gave him a burst of energy and he liked the slightly bitter taste and texture the berries had, and so this is how the very first of the Coffee berries were found and gradually started to be used. In fact, this is not the only story surrounding the discovery of Coffee.
Some say that it was an Arabian man who was expelled by his clan to the deserts with his supporters to die of starvation; these men were looking for any means with which to survive from hunger and were boiling and eating the berries from a plant they had never seen before. The boiled water that was produced with these unknown berries saved the lives of the men!
The closest town there was Mocha where they took their continued existence to be a religious sign due to the drink of these berries which they then named Mocha.
It makes no difference which story you believe, the final result is the same, these berries gave a lot of energy a sense of vitality to those that drank its boiled water.
It was from these early days that Coffee was considered as a delicacy and any recipes that were around were considered and kept as a closely guarded secret!
Soon after that, some of the first Coffee plants were grown and gathered as a crop in around 1100, in the Arabian Peninsula, and hence the coffee drink became a drink of many early civilizations.
In around the year 1453, It is said that there was a law in Turkey where a woman could divorce her husband if he couldn’t provide her with a supply of Coffeeon a daily basis.
In around 1475 the very first Coffee shop was in Constantinople from those beginnings it has been spread around the whole world.
From the years of 1600 to1700, there was much advancement, as well as the world’s first coffee house and the early stages of saleable production of Coffee (the Dutch it seems were the first one’s), and by the middle of the year 1700, it is said that there were at least nearly 2000 coffee shops in Venice alone!


The very first full scale design of an espresso machine made in Italy was revealed around the early part of the year 1800. Then in 1900 the first drip coffee machine was conceived to help the actual process of making the coffee drink a little easier. It was in around the 1930’s that the first automatic espresso maker were made and available to the public in general.
From the 1900’s Coffee became one of the most popular beverages in the world! Coffee plantations are found in countries such as Brazil, Africa, North America, Ethiopia Italy, Turkey and many others as well.
Coffee has since given pleasure to millions around the world and evolved to hundreds of different flavors in varying qualities strengths and grades to suit every pallet and or occasion, be it social or a get up and go first drink in the morning and throughout the day or simply to stay awake late into the night.